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Company Profile

In 1941 KIMICA became the first company in Asia to successfully produce alginates on a commercial scale. In 1988, due to extensive sales growth, KIMICA expanded a second manufacturing plant, KIMICA Chile Ltda. Today, the KIMICA plants in Japan and Chile each produce the full spectrum of alginate products, which are then sold throughout the world.
Continuous upgrading of manufacturing technology helps assure that KIMICA Alginates remain the best in the world.
Nowadays, under the circumstances that the concerns to health care, food safety, environmental issues, etc. is prevailing worldwide, the demand for Alginates that is an extract from natural resource is growing rapidly in the market place.

KIMICA’s sales share in the domestic market has grown up over 80%. KIMICA has grown up a top corporation in the world in the area of Alginates for food and pharmaceutical applications.

KIMICA is happy to supply products in any quantity. KIMICA will also provide customers with technical service or cooperation by making available its state-of-the-art equipment, proprietary licenses and its own expertise.

Corporate NameKIMICA Corporation
BusinessProduction and sales of Alginates and its derivatives
Head OfficeCyuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Osaka-branchYodogawa-Ku, Osaka-Shi, Japan
Santiago OfficeSantiago, Chile
Chiba PlantFuttsu-Shi, Chiba Pref. Japan
Paine PlantPaine, Chile
Affiliates KIMICA Chile Ltda.
KIMICA America Inc.
Osaka Algin, Co. Ltd.