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Fumiyoshi KASAHARA [President & CEO]

KIMICA was the Japanese first successful company of large-scale Alginate manufacturing from abundant gifts from ocean Seaweeds in 1941. Over 70 years we are working day in and day out to improve our products, quality and stable supply with quick flexible response for changes of the times and social needs.
And now Alginate is one of fundamental natural ingredients in our life, as it is utilized all the way you can see. The demands and expectations for natural dietary fiber Alginate have grown with an increased interest in global environmental issues, food safety, health and fitness.
As a leading company of marine biopolymers KIMICA takes it is as our duty to meet these demands and expectations, and to get ahead of the times by our established frameworks of latest system for production, stable supply and R&D.
Today Alginate is variously used in foods, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, textile printings and still it has new and wide possibilities. It is also our duty and social contribution to achieve every one of them, KIMICA continues to go forward.

Fumiyoshi KASAHARA
President &  CEO